10 Best Android Apps for Artists

10 Best Android Apps for Artists

Sketch Guru App

10 Best Android Apps for Artists: If you are a creative person and you love to make creative arts on your smartphone or tablet then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have the list of top 10 best android apps for artists, enjoy.

10 Best Android Apps for Artists

Sketch Guru1. SKETCH GURU

You can easily import your social photos in Sketch guru. It also supports Flickr and Facebook online albums.

By simply creating pencil sketch of your photos you can become an sketch guru professional artist. You just simply have to follow the simple step you have to picka photo  from your gallery or capture a new one to generate your desired sketch.

It supports both black and white colour and it includes the thirteen wonderful effects:

  • Pencil sketch
  • Watercolor
  • Gouache
  • Simplesketch
  • Color pencil
  • Blackboard
  • Comic B&W
  • Halftone
  • Black board color
  • Print
  • Pencil sketch 2
  • B&W
  • No sketchSketch Guru App

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Use this app to convert your phone or tablet into digital sketchbook by using more than 70 paint brushes, file and eraser tools. It supports pressure of sensitive pens and helps to change your device to change into real canvas.

This application will surely unlock your power of imagination. Small kids can also boost their creativity with Art Flow tool.

Anyone can easily use this application with more advanced creations. It’s a fun and enjoyable app for everyone.

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ibis Paint X3. ibis PAINT X – drawing anime

This app is based on social drawing. It helps to publish the drawing process by which you can share your drawing experience with anyone.


  • Easy and reliable to use
  • Fast functionality
  • Easily upload video
  • Experience the smoothness of drawing
  • Easy share artwork URL on Twitter and FB.
  • Download others artwork

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Sketch4. SKETCH

The official app from SONY.

Its time to release your creativity by drawing stunning sketches and you can have fun with your photos by adding variety of stickers.

Making a sketch is very easy smart and you will surely have fun.

Features of SKETCH are:-

  • Easy import of pictures and implement them using stickers
  • Easy add and formatting text
  • Download a variety of fun sticker packs
  • Create cool effects by using layer support
  • Choose your favourite colorSketch App

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Sketch 'n' go5. SKETCH ‘n’ GO

Don’t worry people who don’t know how to draw can now draw anything easily and fastly and you will surely love to to draw  by using special effects.

Main Key Features:-

  • Variety of special brushes
  • In color draw
  • Save your art on SD card
  • Easy share on Email, Facebook, Picasa etc
  • UndoSketch 'n' go app

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#1 Photo Sketch App – ZEXY6. #1 PHOTO SKETCH APP – ZEXY

This app is built after in-depth research of the core principles of photo editing software like photoshop. This app automatically turns photos in your camera or gallery into cartoon sketches, pencil sketches, comic book sketches and many good effect and saves them too.

Various effects are available :

  • Colored pencil sketch
  • Vintage magazine sketch
  • Comic book sketch
  • Black and white pencil sketch
  • Rich color sketch
  • Comic book colored sketch
  • Line drawing
  • Watercolor painting
  • Cooling off sketch overlay
  • Chinese sketch
  • Emerald sketch overlay#1 Photo Sketch App – ZEXY APP

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Silk paints drawing7. SILK PAINTS DRAWING

In first part of 2014 this was the one of the best app in Samsung app store. It helps to create amazing figures by simply using gestures.

It allows to expose several lines of fantasy into image on display of your phone.

New amazing features have been added:

  • Live wallpapers
  • Share your art directly to the PEN.UP gallery
  • Choose background of any photo
  • Multi brush
  • Social interaction
  • Gallery for best and new arts

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Sand Draw8. Sand Draw: Sketch & Draw Art

This app will let you draw on realistic sand. Even you can create limestone in the horizon.

You will surely love this app and could not stop yourself from drawing on the sand because it looks so real and can be easily made.

You can draw a new art by just shaking your phone by doing so the waves wipe out the sand.

Easy to use with following features:-

  • By clicking sea button you will get a beautiful sea and that too with romantic sunset
  • Sunset can be controlled by simply dragging the sun or the moon
  • Easily changed to different texture
  • Add authentic beach objects to make drawing look more realisticSand Draw Sketch & Draw Art

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For writing and drawing as neon style on a black background magic marker is a simple touch paint program .

It is very easy to use and its easy options help to set your drawings as wallpaper or share on social networking.MagicMarker App

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Sketch Master10. SKETCH MASTER

This professional drawing and paint is designed for every android user.

It offers various type of sketching tools and many simple user interface.

Key Features:-

  • Seven brushes, including flood fill
  • Unlimited layers are available
  • Zoom navigation with 3000%
  • Toggle visibility
  • Screen resolution determined maximum size
  • Easily share images
  • Import images from camera or gallery
  • Color swatches and pickerSketch Master App

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Hope you finally enjoyed list best android apps for artists, unfortunately we have missed your best android apps to make creative arts on android devices then do let us know in comments below and thanks for visiting.