Over 28 Android Phones Found With Preinstalled Malware

Over 28 Android Phones Found With Preinstalled Malware


Some scary news coming out today from Doctor Web, a Russian antivirus maker, and it should have you worried about your Android phone. Doctor Web released a report that shows over 28 Android phones out there come preinstalled with malware and Trojans. The malicious apps that are coming preinstalled on devices can harm your Android phone, including making phone calls without your permission.

28 Android Phones Found to Have Preinstalled Malware & Trojans

The scary part about what the researchers found was that so many Android phones come with the malicious apps and malware. These devices are shipping right from the factories with the malware which can end up downloading constant adware, make voice calls, and download other suspicious programs onto your device. All of this is done of course without the permission from the user, and the malware responsible for this is called Android.Downloader.473.Origin.


When it comes to this malware, it ends up being embedded right into the firmware of the Android phones. The malware will download and install a lot more apps once you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, and even a secondary app is involved in this mess. The secondary app, which is called H5GameCenter, will run various ads on the top of your applications. The most annoying part about all of this is that the downloader itself will go ahead and reinstall an app if you end up figuring it out and deleting the app.

While this Android malware was found on 26 off-brand Android phones, it was actually found on 2 well-known Lenovo Android phones as well. The Lenovo phones were the lower-end models of Android phones, specifically the A319 and the A6000. It is not known how many other devices might be impacted by this malware, but at least these 28 Android phones were found to be infected with this annoying and malicious malware. The downloader will also install various programs you do not want on your Android device, and then put the ads all over all your other apps too. Even worse is that it will create a home-screen shortcut and make calls to various phone numbers.

Some of the Android phones infected include the MegaFon Login 4 LTE, various Irbis model phones, Bravis, SUPRA, Itell K3300, Digma Plane 9.7 3G, and the Pixus Tough 7.85 3G. The Optima 10.1 3G, Prestigio MultiPad, 7 MID, Explay Imperium 8, and Mashal ME-711 were also infected with this malware too. So when it comes to these phones and other low-end Android phones, along with the two Lenovo phones they are infected by two different types of malware. Android.DownLoader.473.Origin and Android.Sprovider.7 are the two culprits here and they have been embedded into the firmware by some not very good people in countries where these phones are manufactured and shipped. The best way to avoid getting malware and Trojans like this on your Android phone is to not purchase a cheap Chinese Android phone, and go with an American-made or manufactured product.