Best Casual Games for Android 2016

Best Casual Games for Android 2016

Stickman Warriors Game

Best Casual Games for Android 2016: Sometimes we do get tired and bored by the same monotonous work that we do every day at same surroundings. We need some refreshment at point of times. Behind the stressful hours in a day, the basic entertainment medium is only the games that we play on our android phones. Check out the games in the list of best casual games for android 2016 where you will actually get the real refreshment during work hours.

Top 5 Best Casual Games for Android 2016 Free Download

Angry Birds 21. Angry Birds 2

A part of the series of angry birds, angry birds 2 are welcomed again with a bang. It has got highest number of ratings as per now due to its incredible fun and game plot that people has gathered over these days. It has mind blowing graphics, jaw dropping multi levels that will get tougher and tougher with time and the pigs. Phew and the destructions. You have to choose your favorite bird, the easiest strategy, the enhanced details, the super exotic saplings, and the piggy islands, the piggy like foreman pig, chef pig and the infamous pig, the spells like blizzards, hot chilis, golden duck, the eagle and more. Get a chance to play new tournaments daily, earn features from birds, go for a tour around the world, and besides train your birds as well. It’s time that you teach the dominating pigs a lesson and make them feel their mistake. Play this game for 78 MB.

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Angry Birds 2 Game


Stickman Warriors2. Stickman Warriors

The stickman warriors’ addictive games play with real physics and simple easy controls to dominate. Perform cool stunts, campaigns, background sound track
and blast your enemies as your intention is to throw them out of the game. Play this game and know why this game came in the list of best casual games for android 2016.

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Stickman Warriors Game

Fruit Slice3. Fruit Slice

Tadahhhh!! A magical spell is here. Cut the fruits now by your finger.  You find it Impossible? Never! You can get this game now on Google play store and cut the fruits with the help of your android screen and earn as much points you want. Be the master now and prove your qualities. This app is very low sized, swipe the screen to play this game, and performs well on android phones.

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Fruit Slice Game

Follow The Line4. Follow The Line

This game, follow the line, sized 6.9 MB is very simple to play while you place the finger on your android screen, make sure you follow the queue and run through the maze by avoiding the hurdles. This recent version has fixed all the problems that have been faced by the gamers. The crashes are fixed that are faced while startups. Double heard sounds, bugs, crashes and splash screen you won’t find any more in this app. App for 6.9 MB only.

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Follow The Line Game

Paper Toss 2.05. Paper Toss 2.0

Paper toss is an incredible game that you can play at happy hours. Climb like mad people at the top of the score boards that includes awesome graphics, tough 6 levels, the incredible quick controls, high level resolutions, animated papers, realistic sounds, and tough reality from the workers. Please do post a review and let people know about the game and rate why it has been rated as one of the best casual games for android.

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Paper Toss 2.0

Hope you liked the list of the best casual games for android 2016. If you want us to share more article on android casual games of the year then do let us know via comments below. Thanks for visiting and have a great day ahead.

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