Esports App, Minecraft, a Powerful Image Editor and Games and More Apps...

Esports App, Minecraft, a Powerful Image Editor and Games and More Apps This Week


Esports App, Minecraft, a Powerful Image Editor and Games and More Apps This Week: In a relatively quiet week for games and apps overall, there has been some surprise app and some interesting app updates releases.Android

1. Micecraft for Gear VR on Andriod:

Mojang announced that while it preps for the desktop version of the game for the Oculus, a new and trending release for the Samsung devices will be playable using the Gear VR. It will be available on the oculus store and it will cost the same as the pocket edition and will have the cross play with the Windows 10 version and pocket edition. Do note that this version is different from the edition that people may already own on the Google Play. This new version also requires a controller.

2. Snapseed 2.4

With load of tweaks and much more with needed features this Snapseed 2.4 was just released. Snapseed is a great photo editor on Android and iOS with the ability to enhance your photos and with a truckload of filter effects. Its Stacks feature is what makes its worth checking out with ability to rewind the effects and will use the stacks on the other images. In 2.4 smoothing has been improved along with the improved precision for the Histogram work. The app will not annoy you with the orientation problems.

3. Android TV Remote

Google released the new Android TV app on iOS a few days ago that has surprised a lot of people. This app will let you use your iPhone as a remote control for your Android TV with the support for d-pad modes and touch. The app will also support the voice search and you can easily pair multiple Android TV apps for the multiplayer couch gaming on the Android TV. The app looks a lot similar like the Android counterpart with the necessary iOS design tweaks as Google does on its apps.

4. Disney Crossy Road Jungle Book Update

Already, Disney Road took the world by the storm and in the past week with the new Jungle Book film, there was going to be the new update. The new update has added a new world to play with the form of Baloo, The Jungle with Mowgli and more. The update has 25 figurines and most of them with the hidden.

5. Vainglory 1.17

A pretty good update has been pushed out by the Super Evil Mega Corp for the Vainglory on Android and iOS with a lot of new skins and changes. In addition to the new skins, item changes and balance changes, there is now the Battle Royale Public Queue. This have to played as the random hero with less than the 10 minutes’ matches. Everyone should try this new Vainglory and should see why it gets its own tournaments and showcases so often.

6. Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

The third and latest card based expansion for the insanely very popular card game by Blizzard Entertainment that was released with goblins that released by tentacles. This expansion added more than the 133 cards and Wild formats to the game and brought the new Standard which make it more welcoming the newcomers. During the launch period you will also rewarded with some free packs for logging. If you have been slacking then dust off your app and update it to get free packs at least.

7. Instant eSports

Speaking of Vainglory and Hearthstone, Instant eSports is the best app, if you wanted to follow the eSports news on your mobile device. Right now it will only support League of Legends but surely it will support for Hearthstone and Dota 2 is coming soon. The app will let you track matches in the real time, follow teams and players and more.

8. Microsoft Translator

The latest update for the Microsoft Translator for Android just got the huge update, now bringing support for translating the words in images and also for offline support. Offline support is limited to over 40 languages and the image search is limited to 21 languages. If you are on the Marshmallow 6.0 you can translate the text without leaving app as well.