Fit Bit Altra Review

Fit Bit Altra Review

Fit Bit Altra Review

Fit Bit Altra Review: Fit Bit Alta is an affordable and attractive fitness tracker that handles all the basics with no problems.

Fit Bit Altra Review

Firstly, the biggest change is that it doesn’t look like its predecessors. And it has some new features like –

-Silicon strap is very comfortable

-Sleep tracking and accurate step

-Five day battery life

-It has sleek and modern design

-Companion app is very easy to use


-Affordable priceFit Bit Altra


The Alta is slim that it’s just measure 15.5mm wide and its very light to wear. At the front it has big scratch- resistant OLED display. This time Fitbit decided to include touch sensitive display so there are no buttons on Alta.Fit Bit Altra USB

It’s a touch sensitive not a touch screen remember this but it can be wake by just lifting your wrist or by double – tapping the screen. By tapping on the bottom or the side of the display you can scroll through daily stats and it will allow you to see the distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, time and active minutes. It’s very correct and accurate. In step tracking and all other basic fitness tracking functions Alta is just as good as any other Fitbit device. As it doesn’t come with any buttons, you will not be able to set a workout timer or manually start an exercise. But it uses a Fitbit SmartTrack feature that helps to find different exercises and automatically record them in your smartphone.Fit Bit Altra Software

The display is encased in a stainless steel body that can be easily removed if you want to change the straps. As Alta comes with silicon strap but you can also buy stainless steel and leather bands from Fitbit for $59.95 and $99.95.

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Fitbit comes with the same lock mechanism like found on Flex. To secure it to your wrist, you need to fit two pegs into two holes, all while balancing the Alta put it on your wrist to fit it to the right size. The pegs are pretty difficult to secure into the holes but once you have put it on the Alta is very comfortable and looks good on the wrist as its silicon strap does not attract dust.Fit Bit Altra Image

The Alta has many features but it doesn’t have a GPS or heart rate monitor on board and this is not at all too surprising considering the fact how Fitbit is marketing the device, but it does come with a few extra features like it can give you text, call and calendar notifications. It also notify you when your phone goes off and it also does not have connectivity issues.

One more good feature that has been added by the Fitbit in the Alta is that it is totally waterproof. So from now onwards you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain.Fit Bit Altra First Look


As you already know, the Fitbit puts all the information right on the home page and it allows easy to adjust settings. On the main screen you will see your device, steps, calories, active minutes, distance and much more. To know detailed information about your progress stats for the past week, month or year you can simply tap on a statistic. And further by tapping on the device name you can go to the settings menu, where you can change notification settings, create move reminders, adjust your clock display and other things.

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There’s also a slide out menu to the left that gives you quick access to your daily challenges, friends and account settings. The built-in social features is really very nice, as it allows you to connect with other Fitbit users and you will able to know what they are doing.You can also share data from the Fitbit with a number of other services.Fit Bit Altra Design

Alta is very comfortable, inexpensive and easy to use device.It is easily available in the market or you can also buy it from Amazon.The Alta costs $129 on Amazon.

You should buy this attractive and affordable Fitbit Alta fitness tracker that handles all the basics with no major problems.