Google Chrome 62 on Android Brings New Features & HTTP Warnings

Google Chrome 62 on Android Brings New Features & HTTP Warnings


The new Google Chrome 62 version for Android is beginning to roll out right now. There are quite a few changes to this new Google Chrome, including HTTP warnings. Beyond the new warnings, some Android O notifications are coming as well. We are super excited to be telling you all of the new features and changes coming to Chrome for Android. Read on to learn about what all is coming to Google Chrome 62 for Android.

Google Chrome 62 Brings New HTTP Warnings

We wanted to first tell you about the new HTTP warnings that are coming in Google Chrome 62. These new warnings will be telling you when you are entering data on a website that is not secure. There will now be a panel that tells you that your connection to that website is not secure. This will replace the lock icon that you might have seen previously on the address bar. If you are in incognito on Google Chrome 62, you will see a “Not Secure” pop-up window to warn you. Google thinks that a lot of people who use incognito have an expectation of privacy, but sometimes that is not always the case. Google wants all non-HTTPS websites to have this warning icon.

When it comes to this new warning, it began on the HTTP sites back in January. Specifically, those websites that wanted credit card information of passwords. Google said that because of this new change, about 64 percent of all Google Chrome traffic is protected. About a year ago, this was only at 42 percent, so it appears that it is working. It is very important that you know which websites are only HTTP when it comes to entering in your credit card information or other personal and sensitive information. Over 70 of the top 100 websites are now using HTTPS just by default. That has increased 5 percent within the past year.

Google Chrome 62 for Android Brings Redesign

Beyond the new HTTP warnings, the new Google Chrome 62 for Android also brings a redesign. The Chrome bottom bar is getting a redesign, although not everyone has seen this change yet. There will be a new rounded Omnibar, which is where you go to search and enter website URLs. The article cards are also rounded on the New Tab section. You will also see a bright white instead of the dark gray on the browser background. There is also some new changes on the notifications that are coming for Android Oreo.

With Android Oreo, which is Android 8.0, there will be notification channels. It will be for websites that have notifications enabled on their websites. When you go into Chrome Settings and click on Notifications, you will see the new System Settings app. This is where all of the management will be from now on. You will really love these new Notification Channels on Google Chrome 62. If you did not know, Android Oreo is the newest Android operating system release. There are tons of new features in Oreo, so if you do not have it yet, you should check it out.

Beyond that, we also see the ability to play the protected media right from offline mode. This is done using a high security level which allows various websites to play this media that is encrypted. There will also be a new Ambient Light Sensor API in this update. This will come enabled on Android devices by default. It will allow the websites to change the light intensity, which is pretty cool. All of this plus more is coming to Google Chrome 62. If you do not see the update quite yet, do not worry. It could take a few days for everyone to see this update. If you do not want to wait, you can simply head to Google Play Store and update your Google Chrome right now.