Google launches APIs for Day and Night modes

Google launches APIs for Day and Night modes

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Google launches APIs for Day and Night modes: Google+ app on Android is all set for a new update and this upcoming G+ version 7.3 is not the one with only fixed bugs but this new version will also have improved and innovative functionality, a few more benefits and will also bring back the old missed features of the app.Google Plus Logo

Google launches APIs for Day and Night modes

The updated version allows the users to filter their notifications. They will be able to see all the unread notifications at once. A Community moderation tool has been introduced which would enable the users to delete multiple items simultaneously in an Activity Log. In this new version, the top bar, which would appear while scrolling through Collections and Communities, can now be hidden. One of the main highlights is the wi-fi speed boost which has been included in this version. This speed booster enables the users to browse faster when they are connected to wi-fi.

A feature has also made its comeback with the G+ version 7.3, and it is the search auto complete which has been turned on again. This feature was disabled when a serious bug was found in it by the devs and this bug was affecting the users Airplane Mode. It seems like the developers have fixed that bug and now this feature is available to the users again.

Apart from introducing new features and benefits, Google has also fixed a lot of bugs to make the working of the app smooth and better.

Here are the features that the G+ version 7.3 will provide to the users:

  • Fixed 10 bugs
  • Ability to filter notifications by All, Unread and Others
  • 4 issues addressed relating to accessibility
  • Community moderation tool added
  • Deletion of multiple items in Activity Log
  • Faster Web Browsing when connected to Wi-fi
  • Hiding of the top bar when scrolling through Communities and Collections
  • Return of the Search Autocomplete feature

The G+ version 7.3 is available on Google Play Store and the users who do not wish to wait for the Google+ to update, can simply go to Play Store and click on update to get their latest version.

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