LeEco Le 2 upcoming smartphone images leaked with specifications

LeEco Le 2 upcoming smartphone images leaked with specifications

LeEco Le 2 leak image

LeEco is about to being out its Le Max Pro which is sure to receive a lot of hype. The phone will be releasing in China shortly. The phone is special because it is one of the first ones in the history of smart phones to come with the Snapdragon 820 Soc processor.LeEco Le 2 leak image

LeEco Le 2 upcoming smartphone images leaked with specifications

There are a few photographs of the smart phone on the Internet which have been leaked which gives us a hint about how the phone might be. The smart phone is the new model of the Le 1s. The images which have been leaked gives a picture of phone from every angle. There have been a few changes and the most prominent being the fact that the logo at the back have been replaced. The the Letv logo is no more there.

Previously the company had changed its name in order to make the company global to LeEco. They aimed to enter the global markets and extend their boundaries. The built and design of the front portion of the smart phone closely resembles the previous model. However the design of the phone as a whole have been changed to certain extent.

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The volume and the power button have been placed side by side in the smart phone. The rear portion of the phone has been considerably changed. The finger print scanner which was previously circular in shape is now a square. The camera has been placed almost similar to the last model.

Certain details about the specifications of the phone have also been leaked. The phone comes with a 4 GB RAM too, one GB more the than previous model. The finger print scanner has been improved to some extent, about which there is still not much news provided. The port provide is USB type C kind.

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Not much have been specified about the phone and we all hope to receive more knowledge about handset in the near future. Registrations for the phone will soon start in the Indian subcontinent. Don’t miss out on the phone when it releases. Stay tuned, more updates will come.