Let’s find out: Some most important things about Facebook Reactions

Let’s find out: Some most important things about Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

Let’s find out: Some most important things about Facebook Reactions: Facebook has introduced what is called “reactions,” which features six cartoon emoji you can use to respond to a friends post. The respective emoji’s are, Ha-ha, Love, Yay, Sad, Angry and Wow. But there is no ‘Dislike’ button as requested by some users long back. This option launched on 24th Feb on Android, iOS and the web. From now on posts will showcase the mix reactions which they have received. Still there are few question in the users mind, here’s few important things about Facebook reactions.

Facebook Reactions

Some most important things about Facebook Reactions

1. How to find the reactions: it’s pretty easy using them, you have to press long on the like button on Facebook’s Android or iOS app and if operating Facebook from your desktop you can use your mouse to hover over the like buttons. Then you can easily choose among the new emoji reactions and choose from them the one you want. Don’t be impatient if you don’t see them because it will take some time to roll out to everyone.

2. If you can use more than one reaction? : It would have been so cool isn’t it? But unfortunately it is only limited to one post one reaction. If someone posts a picture of a cute puppy you can choose reactions from “love,” “wow,” or the same old “Like” button. If your friend posts about something heartfelt then you can use “angry” or “sad”.

3. You can change or undo a reaction: just as you could change what you liked previously by just tapping the same like button. Similarly you can change or undo your reaction by tapping on it.

4. Top three reactions will be shown to the post: only three most used reactions shown on a given post will be highlighted by Facebook. It’s unnecessary to show all the reactions of everyone.

5. You can see in details people’s reactions: Facebook allows you to see a more detailed breakdown. Now by tapping on the reaction count you will be able to see each person behind each reactions.

Facebook Reactions First Look

Posts will now have reactions count along with the number of likes and comments. For example, 10 wows, 5 likes, 3 hahas.