Microsoft Selfie App Hits Android

Microsoft Selfie App Hits Android


Several months ago the app Microsoft Selfie hit the iOS store, and now it is available for Android through the Google Play Store. The Microsoft Selfie app was designed specifically for people who wanted to touch up their pictures without too much hassle or headache figuring out editing programs.

Microsoft Selfie Uses New Technology

Microsoft Selfie, which is free on Google Play, uses what could be similar to an artificial intelligence within the app. The app is able to tell what your skin color and tone is, as well as your gender and age, and then uses this information to enhance your photos. If your lighting is off in the photo the app also will be able to adjust that in the picture, all with a click of a button. This app uses the front-facing camera of your Android device, and comes with the ability to add filters onto pictures as well. The technologies and innovations in this app have been in development for quite a while, with Microsoft working to get the recognition abilities spot-on before releasing the app.


When it comes to Microsoft, the company has shifted focus back onto the software market in the past year. The company tried to get into the smartphone market, but ended up falling well short of expectations. Due to the failures of those projects, the new focus is on making software and apps for the iOS and Android app stores, which is where the company thrives. Microsoft Selfie on Android is different than the iOS version due to the company really focusing on these intelligent recognition abilities and trying to hone in on how to make editing a much more user-friendly experience.

This is not the only app Microsoft has released for Android in the past year, with much of the focus being on making the user-interface and experience better for some of the most common things people do with their smartphones every day. Microsoft Selfie is just the latest example of Microsoft figuring out how to make taking selfies and editing them less of a hassle. With just the tap of your finger you will be well on your way to taking and making higher quality pictures.