Moto 460 Sport Review in First Impression

Moto 460 Sport Review in First Impression

Moto 460 Sport Watch

Moto 460 Sport Review in First Impression: Moto 360 Sport is an Android Wear smartwatch from Motorola which was presented for a review this week. The original Moto 360 sport was the first Android wear in the market then in 2014. But as time went there were other wearable devices that were released in the market. But Motorola proved its worth that it could still make compelling watch with the 2nd Generation Moto 360 which arrived in the market. The Moto 360 Sport was unveiled alongside the Moto 360 2nd Gen. The watch is basically a fitness-friendly watch. It is quiet different from the original version in terms of display and design and also has some added software feature. Let us have a look at all the features.Moto 460 Sport Watch

Moto 460 Sport Review

Design: whenever a new Android Wear device is launched ‘fitness tracking’ is used by the manufacturers to add a selling point to their devices. It is very evident from the design itself that this watch is not to be paired with a shirt, suit or even a tie. This watch works on bridging the gap fitness trackers and smartwatches and also keeping in mind that it looks good. We are sure of the part that it looks really stylish with not too big or bulky look. It has a very comfortable premium silicone rubber strap which you can war anytime with much ease. The sport comes in three colour options which are Black, Flame Orange and White.Moto 460 Sport

Display: The display of the watch is 1.37-inch along with AnyLight Hybrid Display and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The dimensions of the watch is 1.37” (35mm), 263ppi (360 X 325). The display of the Moto 360 sport differs from the Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) as it has a standard IPS LCD display and Moto 360 sport chooses AnyLight hybrid display. This enables the watch with light reflectiveness which means automatically adapting to the natural light. When you are at home the watch seems to be a normal like any old LCD screen. Once you go outside the “hybrid” part starts working to reflect the light to make the screen readable. This AnyLight feature is by far the best in this watch which enables us to see the watch in both dim and dark light adjusting the screen.  This makes the device stand out from the other wearables.

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Software: the software used in Moto 360 sport is the sane as in second-gen Moto 360. It runs on the latest version of android Wear (v1.4). this is not more different from the standard 360 so it gives the same experience, unless you are new to this  platform you will know all about it or just go through the review of Moto 360 2nd generation. The digital face of the 360 Sport comes with quick access to your heart activity, steps, calories burned and also a stopwatch. It further features a button which helps to start running quickly option. Motorola has claimed to include cycling in addition to running in near future.Moto 460 Sport Software

Hardware: Moto 360 Sport comes with a great hardware and under the hood it has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor along with 1.2GHz, it also has a RAM of 512MB. All these are quiet common in all the wearables nowadays and there is no doubt that the performance is good. It sports a GPS on board which is quiet desirable and works accurately.  It will track your route as soon as you wait for the GPS to connect before running. This time Motorola is providing their wireless charging dock. The battery of Moto 360 sport is a 300mAh cell and will be able to use it for a full day after charging it once. It gives Wi-Fi facility also so that you can connect your phone even when you are away from your smartphone.

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The Moto 360 sport is what you should get if you are looking for an Android Wear smartwatch with capabilities such as run tracking, steps tracking etc. It is made available via Motorola and Amazon for USD $299.99.