Plex Heading to Android Auto

Plex Heading to Android Auto


Good news if you love Plex because this Android music app is heading to Android Auto. You can use the Plex app on your Android device or load it right up to your Android Auto infotainment dash. This is great news for people who are looking for more options when it comes to music and entertainment while in the car. If you have Plex or have Android Auto in your vehicle, read on to learn more about this cool new app rolling out to Android Auto now.

Plex Finally Coming to Android Auto

Plex is just now rolling out to Android Auto, so it might be a little bit before you see the support in your infotainment dash. You will either be able to download the Plex app right onto your Android Auto dashboard or you will be able to use the app on your Android phone. There is a simplified interface in the Android Auto version of Plex. This will make it much better for when you are driving. The interface itself is also much bigger, which is good so you are not straining to read the screen while driving. Music playback will be a breeze too, since you will have voice-control abilities. This allows for you to have a distracted-free driving experience.

Plex requires that you completely unlock the app for Android Auto in order to have all of the playback controls. For you, this means you will need to have the Plex Pass subscription or you will need to make your account a Plex Home account. You also can unlock the app by using the in-app purchasing option. The good news is that there is a trial available for all of the unlocked features. This means that you will be able to fully try out Plex before you decide to pay for the app itself. The voice commands are all intuitive and you will love how the integration is just flawless.

Plex Hits Android Auto for More Infotainment Options

A good thing here is that you will love just how easily and quickly you will be able to access everything on the Plex Android Auto app. This app will allow you to play your music without interruption and without you fiddling with the app while you are driving. The Google Voice commands will allow you to play any music you want. You will no longer be having to rely on the few other Android Auto apps out there, which is good because we know it is limited.

Right now, Apple does not allow third party submissions generally speaking. This means that this app will only be available on Android for now. The company definitely is looking at support for CarPlay once Apple opens the submissions up. If you have CarPlay, then you might be waiting a long time though, since who knows when or if Apple will be doing that. So it looks like even better news for those with Android Auto as it appears that Android Auto is going to have Plex all to itself for the immediate future.

If you do not see this app right now for Android Auto, do not worry. It might take a little bit for this app to roll out across Android Auto. You might want to try it again in a couple of days if you are still not seeing Plex available on your Android Auto apps screen. Either way, it is about time that another music app hit Android Auto given the lack of a lot of apps for Android Auto at this point. Remember, you can always load it up via your phone too.