Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Review

Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Review

Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones

Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones ReviewSony’s headphone range had catered to a wide range of the listeners and budgets that is stretching from Rs.590 to Rs. 41,990. So it does not matter that what kind of the headphones you are looking for, so there is probably a Sony option for you take a look at. Sony has always covered you whether it is wireless, audiophile, noise cancelling or the just ordinary phone you are looking for.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones

Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Review

Today, we are going to give the review about the new Sony h.ear on the Wireless NC (MDR-100ABN) headphones, that is packed in digital noise-cancellation technology and Bluetooth into a convenient over ear-design which is priced at Rs. 21,990, the headphones will be definitely on the side of the premium range, but yes the feature of the headphone may be enough to convince a lot of the buyers.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Review


The Sony MDR-100ABN headphones features a 40mm dome-type drivers and it have the frequency response range of around 5-40,000Hz. Impedance, while using a stereo cable is 32Ohms with the set powered on and using its internal amplification and 16Ohms while using the source device’s amplification. For improved voice handling, there two microphones on the headset. It is also included in the sales that package are a hard carry case with a 1.2m stereo cable and a Micro-USB cable for charging the headset.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Mic

Connectivity can either be wireless using the Bluetooth or by attaching stereo cable and by connecting it to the 3.5mm socket of the source device. For quick pairing, there is also NFC on the left earcup if you are using the Bluetooth that too along with the LDAC for better audio transmission. The power and noise-cancellation buttons are on the right ear cup, the Micro-USB port and the 3.5mm input socket. On the right ear cup you will find the track control switch and the volume rocker. Pressing down the switch will easily pause or play the music on the supported devices while using the Bluetooth and while sliding it in the either direction it will go to the next or the previous track.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Design

Despite of being built of almost entirely out of plastic, it is a decent looking headset and it excudes a sense of quality and solidity. The frame is entirely of the metal and there is quick padding on the both ear cups as well as at the bottom of the headband. It weighs around 290g but it always comfortable enough for continuous wear. The around-ear fit will completely envelops your ears.

The headset follows the simple mechanism for allowing the cups to fold inwards for the storage. The ear cups swivel a bit and headband has a standard adjustment mechanism to ensure the comfortable fit. The battery is rated to power the headset for around 20 hours of the continuous playback, although the charging is completely slow. To fully charge the headset by plugging it into PC it took about six hours.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Design

We used the headset for listening to music, video and more. During our listening we also tested the noise-cancellation function, while using it the headphones easily manage to send both noise reversing frequencies as well as the actual source audio together. As the result, it provided an isolated sound that is unfettered by any ambient or outside sound.


Product range of Sony has always been focused on the lower end and the buyers with a big budget are less likely to go for the brand that is perceived as the mass market. So with this new headset, Sony has shown that it has the ability to produce great and feature filled headphones. So, the h.ear On Wireless NC is an excellent pair of the headphones and thanks to the excellent noise cancellation, immersive sound and decent battery life.Sony h.ear On Wireless NC Headphones Buttons

However it is also a bit expensive at Rs. 21,990.


  • Strong sub-bass, competent mids and highs
  • Entertaining sonic signature
  • Immersive sound
  • Fantastic sonic isolation and noise cancellation
  • Comfortable design


  • Takes a long time to charge
  • A bit expensive

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Performance:4.5
  • Design: 4
  • Value for money: 3
  • Overall: 4