The Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016

The Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016

The Walking Dead: Season One

The Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016: Attention! Attention! Here we are welcoming the adventure for you. The adventure has been gathered from the hill tops, underwater sea and oceans, carved out from deadliest hurdles, and face the tremors of the forest environments. Will you able to handle the too much of adventure? If yes then check the list of The Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016 and face the free endless adventure framed for you.

Top 10 Best Free Adventure Games for Android 2016 Free Download

Thor1. Thor: TDW – The Official Game

The God of Thunder! The popular well known theatrical film, The Dark world which is actually based on the Marvel’s Thor. Now guess why this game is one of the Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016. The game plot as you can imagine is quite an interesting one. The mighty lord of the Dark Elves and the enemy namely Malekith and Asgard are considered to be the mightiest warriors and the avenger. This game gives you an opportunity of how to become Thor. You also have to be a well known hero where you have to train and give a bang on reply to the Asgard warriors like the Heimdall, three warriors and the Sif and summoning the seven kinds of Einherjar.This action power packed game has got some special hunger to feed. It requires a space of 1.6 GB to start the download in your mobile. The size of the adventurous game varies with the device.

Thor: TDW - The Official Game

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The Walking Dead Season One2. The Walking Dead: Season One

The famous game series, The Walking Dead which is divided into five parts and is featured in the Tegra Zone has won multiple Year awards where you are the shizz. You need to become a convicted animal, The Lee Everett who has got a second chance in his life where he was expected to face a devastating situation by the undead. This heaven like world turned to a hell when he had to save an orphan girl, Clementine while the rest of the corpses protected them to safety and had got a golden chance of life and survival from death. The events will face you, the people will welcome you, the warm heartedly locations will glance at you that revolves around the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. This game has got superb reviews on Nvidia Shield; you will be given a chart of choices, play stunts and actions that will eventually change the atmosphere of the story. These minimum requirements are needed to follow. The CPU around 1 GHz processor of Dual Core, memory of 1 GB, GPU 200 Adreno series, Mali of 400 series, and Tegra 3 and these are the specifications that are highly recommended like you should give a proper CPU that has to be a Quad Core processor of 1.5 GHz and must have a memory size of 2 GB.

The Walking Dead: Season One

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Adventure Escape Time Library3. Adventure Escape: Time Library

Hey there! Love mysterious acts and the fun are in solving them. The giggling sumptuous time library! Help Alice, who is too bored and decides that she will face the library and dump some books. An interesting thing happens there. They, Alice and her friend Hiro where she met there became partners in the unknown mysterious journey where they face the consequences that they have never imagined of. Play this game which is rated as one of the Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016 that has superb graphics on a historical background which will take you to the past and come across to the treasure. But every metal that glitters is not gold; similarly there are lots of catch moments hidden underneath. You need to complete nine unique chapters that are free to play, escape the challenges, and collect tools and items that will help you to complete the challenges. You will be able to come across the mystery story of time library without any game hassles, no registration of the game, solve the puzzles and bring out the deadliest secret of the time library and enjoy the treasure.

Adventure Escape: Time Library

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Manuganu 24. Manuganu 2

Another well known game of the Nvidia Tegra zone, Manuganu 2 that has complete control on the portable functions and the Shield tablet. Back with lots of new features this part of the game has too much of adventure because the game is all about the humanitarian help that is played by Manuganu to save his friend. There are forty unique designed levels, epic four bosses and saga, the items and the awards collected by you. The main hint of the game is the time that you have to run and escape the danger coming running towards you and then you have to escape the obstacles under the same ring of the time. The game has released new features which will be directed with one touch and will be more challenging than before. The game has glamorous 3D characters, visuals, and the background designs, that are backed by the superb colours and lights that will hold you to the game. Game features of the game are the actions that are performed like the running, jumping, rolling over, flying, and also the swimming that is backed by a original soundtrack developed by Burak Karakas which is available in plenty of languages like the English, French, German, Italian and etc. download this game from the Google play store and keep facing the adventurous moments.

Manuganu 2

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Nightmares from the Deep™5. Nightmares from the Deep™

Nightmares from the Deep™, is about an epic journey or a tour you can say where you have t be dress up like a museum owner and who owns one in an undead pirate who recently picked up your little princess and dropping her in the reign of ghost galleon. You all have to do is rescue your child and swim across the seas, all dilapidated fort, catacombs, and unearthed secrets. The game has forty five locations on the sea, 39 unique locations to visit 16 mini games, strategies involved, and the majestic scenery to explore. The game is available in so many languages that will be much easier for you and has great compatible notes. Unlock the virtual playground in cities, the islands, prepeers, tribes and the supermarket management.

Nightmares from the Deep™

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6. BadlandBADLAND

Badland is a game where you have fly and survive till the end. This game has won the Game of the year award, because of the astounding features like the forest locations, inhabitants, and the fresh nature. The forest appears like the fairytale, but every fairytale has a villain, and similarly the forest also has one, the sudden traps. The game is set on a multiplayer mode that can lead up to four players  23 levels on the similar device, single player mode with 100 levels backed up by the recent updates, cooperative modes, audio visual game,  etc that are waiting for you to play!


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Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A!7. Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A!

Bring your attention back to the zombie world. Put your lights camera and say aloud action. A multiplayer game in Los Angeles background, clean streets and featuring top celebrities where you have to dash the gun, run over and slaughter your enemy in a fun way, move across the cage of crazy zombies, zap, boil, and burn the enemy 30 zombies that are all in a cartoon style in a Hollywood background, and a combat from twenty different movies in ten modes of game, funny outfit, compare your score with your friends, and stay updated with the regular contents.

Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A!

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Dungeon Hunter 48. Dungeon Hunter 4

Experience the play of thrill, action and adventure in one game, Dungeon Hunter part 4 where you are praised with immersive game play, hack and carve your way in between the enemies, innumerable items, four warriors in combat style, upgrade the skill and the strategy and face the multiplayer action. If you love the endless features of the game then download this game for free as soon as possible.

Dungeon Hunter 4

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Ice Age Adventures9. Ice Age Adventures

One of the top game, do you want to know the features? I think the name is enough! The ICE AGE ADVENTURES. Discover the consequences planted by Manny, Diego, and the herds who all are found floating over the sea to show off the adventure with your friends. Escape the hurdles, rescue the herds in the mini games, complete the challenges and compete with your friends, in a 3D background for free.

Ice Age Adventures

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Lep's World10. Lep’s World ?

 Here is an unknown world waiting for you. If you want to get lost in some adventurous location then download this game, hurry up. The Lep’s World has fifty six designed levels, animations, five world class themes, platform style in classic forms. Download this game if you have a heart of gold and rescue leprechaun who has lost his costly gold and experience the world with him. You are highly advised to be cautious all the way as monsters are planted at every nook and corner. Play with safety.

Lep's World

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There is a warning! These games are too much addictive and if you download them you will surely fall in love with. So please if you want yourself to get distracted from the real world and fall into the traps of virtual world, then don’t rub or head twice and download these games now trending in Google Play store from the list of The Best Free Android Adventure Games of 2016. Hope you enjoy them.

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