Top 10 Android Apps of the Month – April 2016

Top 10 Android Apps of the Month – April 2016

Tribe - Video messaging

Top 10 Android Apps of the Month – April 2016: Hi Go Android Apps readers. Here we are back again with our new countdown of best android apps of the month. If you really want to make your day today life very smooth then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article.

Top 10 Android Apps of the Month – April 2016

Learn C++1. LEARN C++

C++ is a language which helps to start creating and compiling your own programs that too with no prior programming experience. This app helps to learn very fast, effective and fun. This app helps to become a programmer very easily.It covers basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, classes, objects templates functions, files and exceptions.Learn C++ App

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Drivo takes total management of your car and also helps to control financial. It takes care of the following functions:-

  • Support for recording fill-ups, expenses, trips and services
  • Gas consumption charts per gas/ fuel stations
  • Total odometer reading or trip mileage input
  • Advance reminders
  • Easy editing of data in the charts
  • Maintenance of vehicle
  • Uses fuel units and many more features in-builtDrivvo – Car management

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FXGURU provides many features for you to impress and scare. It adds special effects to any type of video. Over 80 video effects are there which can be easily used.

A huge variety of effects are available free and paid:

  • Weapons like rockets, drones, guns and more
  • Various Horror ghosts
  • Disasters
  • Holidays
  • Vehicles
  • And many more features are availableFxGuru Movie FX Director

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MSQRD change the way you look in a swipe and its quite funny .

It provides following features:-

  • Record video selfie
  • Records still photos
  • Totally change your looks
  • Easily can be shared on messengers and social networksMSQRD APP

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Polaris Office + PDF5. POLARIS OFFICE + PDF

This is the best mobile office software chosen by 37 million users around the world. It is compatible with MS Office with very fast loading.

With this you can edit or view your documents anywhere at anytime.

It consists of the following features:-

  • Organise contents with pointer and pen features.
  • Easily make important notes in PDF documents
  • Uses Polaris office with Google chrome.
  • Easily convert documents to PDF on your smartphone or tablets
  • Easily share documents via URLPolaris Office + PDF App

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By using the opera app you can get the following advantages:-

  • Wi-Fi speed can be boost up
  • More data saving
  • Usage of data can be controlled while in roaming
  • Data consumption can be managed
  • Data plan can be extended
  • Easily monitor the app that consume more data
  • Save a lot of data while using popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Chrome and many more
  • Manage data on all your apps
  • Privacy and security is maintained.Opera Max - Data saving app

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A free and brand new video messaging app that helps to chat with friends fastly and quickly then texting or phone calls.

It became popular due to its following features:-

  • The fastest and easiest way to send video and vocal messages.
  • The safest place to chat privately
  • A perfect tool for group chatsTribe - Video messaging

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Candy Camera for Selfie8. Candy Camera for Selfie

Million of people taking selfies with candy camera don’t miss yours.

Beautiful selfies can be taken with beautifying filters at anywhere and anytime that too on silent mode.

It has some more features:-

  • Beauty Functions
  • Filters for selfie
  • Collage
  • Stickers
  • Silent camera
  • And much more

Have some fun with this cool and classy candy camera.Candy Camera for Selfie App

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Multi Measures 29. MULTI MEASURES 2:ALL –IN -1 KIT

A set of handy and elegant measuring tools kit that turns smart device into a swiss-army-knife that measures everything you will need.

Multi Measures 2 has the following 12 tools:-

  • PROTRACTORMulti Measures 2 All-in-1 kit

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Unit Converter10. UNIT CONVERTER

Now stop looking to long confusing lists only for one unit you wish to convert. By simply typing it into the search box you get your desired unit. Unit converter provides accurate and quick unit or metric conversion.

Conversions of unit and their calculations are displayed immediately as soon as the input is in-built. This free unit converter is the best tool to work without any confusion of setting and options. Unit Converter App

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Hope you all enjoyed our list of best android apps of the April 2016 month, unfortunately we have missed your best android apps of the month then do let us know in comments below. On other hand stay connected with us for more android month and weekly new games and apps update. Also read, Top 10 Android Games of the Month – April 2016.