Top 10 Best Android Games 2016

Top 10 Best Android Games 2016


Top 10 Best Android Games 2016: Are you really searching for the best free android games of this year, if you do then we are glad that you find this article. You all are going to love our collection and its our promise you to all. Hunting for more new android games that will give you infinite refreshment then check this TOP 10 BEST ANDROID GAMES 2016.

Top 10 Best Android Games 2016

SBK151. SBK15 Official Mobile Game

The latest version of SBK is here! With over millions of downloads this heart throbbing game that is loaded with power packed action, thrill, the intensity of bike racing where you will never find. Choose the bike of your choice from the top company bikes such as Kawasaki, Honda, Aprilia, Ducati, Suzuki, Mv Agusta, and BMW. All my favorite bikes are here. Which one is yours? Did you see the imposing colour of the bikes? Just amazing! Run the bike through the race track and experience the thrill. Now its time to attack. Attack your top competitors like Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli and leave them behind in the track. Don’t get panic, you aren’t a novice. There are 13 WSBK rounds, the new Chang International Circuit in Thailand, 16 racing teams with 27 non-pareil riders including 4 game modes such as the Championship, Quick Race, Challenge and Time Attack. World-class physics engine, Cross-save and cross-play, 9 configurations, 3D graphics with super lighting effects, gyroscope and virtual controls, tracks adopted from FIM Superbike World Championship circuit,9 control sets. Download this app and keep racing.

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SBK15 Official Mobile Game


With a size of 165MB, 4.2 rating for age 3 and up play this BLOOD AND GLORY: IMMORTALS game to become a superhero and rescue the world from grudge-bearing avatars, Zeus, Ares and Hades, the sinful ones who has sent their infantry to subjugate over peoples’ wishes. You get a choice to become one of the 3 RPG super heroes and get a chance to save the people from the subjugation. Which one do you like? Gladiator, Warlock or Barbaress? Well, three of them have distinctive qualities and personalities. Choose wisely because their fate is now in your hands. You need to find the weapon for the hero, earn and win them as you travel to new empires, environments, polish your warrior skills and jump on to new levels. Download this app from Google play.

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Robbery Bob3. Robbery Bob

Had enough of being a multi featured heroes, exemplars, idols and superman? Now its time to get tangled in criminal works. Yes, sometimes behaving mischievously is also a great fun. Get this fun from this game. You are in the place of Bob, where you are forced in some criminal like activities like robbing! Robbing? Yes! Oops! Now when you are a robber, escape the cops, security guards, bull dogs and loot the full house, sneak around and use your master like skills to hide in the 50 levels. Explore the neighborhood, downtown and also the laboratories, where you have to face secret missions and have to find top secret documents, dresses and television remotes. It isn’t easy! Play this game and rob with all your heart out!

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Robbery Bob Game

Daytona Rush4. Daytona Rush

This new game Daytona Rush is here! As the name implies, this game is all about cars. It has got simple easy controls. Just swipe or switch the lanes as you pass your rivals, and don’t collide with them as it can affect you as well. Featuring ninety enthralling races, Keep on upgrading your engine to save fuel to the fullest and drive faster as you go, magnify the gears to change the lanes swiftly. You can even change the colour of the cars and play it on your android mobile and android televisions.

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Daytona Rush Game

Overkill 35. Overkill 3

Here’s a game that you can play with your friends. With a multiplayer mode catch up the scores in the scoreboards with them and add up them to your chat room. There are regular matches for all kind of people, earn rewards and medals in groups that will help you to buy guns. You can update your profile, your procurements, breakneck multiplayer system, develop strategies and game plans. Help them to fight back enemies, produce a strong armour, admirable graphics and controls and large diversity in weapons. Will you fight for freedom?

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Overkill 3 Game

Dumb Ways to Die 26. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

Well, this game, dumb ways to die 2 is all about tongue-tied characters who will take part in these unfamiliar 36 mini-games that will require circumventing the dangerous electric hurdles. Tap the screen to jump on those rocket skies. Run the screen to sweep the landmines, swipe to slam the windows and doors, hold the characters out of the track even if your phone has dropped don’t try to catch the Javelin. A pole vault and ride on the dolphins. 4.1 rating, this game is one of the top 10 best android games 2016 which is highly compatible in all kinds of android devices.

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Bruce Lee7. Bruce Lee: Enter the Game

My blue-eyed boy, a Hong-Kong American martial artist in a game? Like, really? Wow! I just can’t wait to play this game. Let’s check this out and fight for justice. A 2D action game where you are the prime martial arts personality, BRUCE LEE!! There are 40 action swaddled levels.  Fight like Bruce Lee 3X, unleash the fury 2X, victory at your fingertips 1X, equip the dress of your choices, increase the stoicism level and more than 9 million downloads, this game has been ranked as one of the top best 10 android games 2016. One goal, just fight back! Will you be able to get justice?

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Bruce Lee Enter The Game

Castle Doombad8. Castle Doombad

[Adult swim] game presents this riveting game, castle doomback meshed with lots of amusements. The only setback of this game is that it doesn’t come for free, it is paid but money will be worth it if you buy it. Touch, drag or tap and steer the floor, 20achievements, challenge your friends, knights, Archers and superheroes. Includes a gripping performance, this game yields unlimited pleasure.

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Castle Doombad Game

Jelly Jump9. Jelly Jump

Ummmm… Jellies!! Discover this funky game in this world of entertaining games. Build a new record in this game by jumping higher and higher and try to get through the end. Collect jelly blobs and craft brand new jellies. There are 8 new jellies for you to unlock, bonus in slow motion, select a level and fix them! Size: 30 MB

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Jelly Jump Game

GTA Chinatown Wars10. GTA: Chinatown Wars

The best game ever I have played, Grand Theft Auto which comes with a legend story plot with missions, mini-games and collect hidden materials, widescreen resolution which supports in android televisions customized touch screen controls, mind boggling graphics, lightening and explosion effects. Get more information and play this game unlimited on Google play.  Size: 883 MB

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GTA Chinatown Wars Game

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Hope this was the list you were looking for. Keep yourself entertained by android games available in Google play store. Thanks for visiting and finally we hope you all enjoyed our collection of “Top 10 Best Android Games 2016“, if you have any kind of query then feel free to comment below.

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