Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016

Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016

Subway Surfers

Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016: Online games are fun, but offline games are more fun. Due to the network error offline games are played much more than online games. Check the list of Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016 and enjoy the games.

Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016 Free Download

Subway Surfers1. Subway Surfers

One of the most daring games and the best action offline android games 2016, this game, subway surfers has become the favourite of all men folks and even the kids. You have to make the boy run as fast as you can and in the meanwhile collect the coins. The golden coins. A game can never be so easy. There is a catch. There will be running trains as you are running through the railway tracks and there is an angry furious inspector and his pet dog after you. You got to help Jake, Tricky and fresh from the obstacles. Use the crew to grind the trains, supports high definition quality and super amazing graphics. There is a painted powered jetpack, acrobats performed and help the internet connection to challenge your friends as well. You will get this amazing game t the Google play store.

Subway Surfers

google play

Jetpack Joyride2. Jetpack Joyride

A ride has been decided for you. The jetpack joyride. This game has been created from the Fruit Ninja creations, and it is regarded as the hottest mobile game in the world as of now. This game has won many awards, like the pocket gamer, gamasutra award, and game revolution as well. The best android offline of 2016, the android free offline games, it has all of them. This game contains options where you have to purchase with the real currency. You can also disable the settings of the in-app purchases from your device. There is a promotional half brick products and the game also links to the social networking sites therefore make sure that your ward has crossed 13 years. The cops are running after him! Can you guess why? Since the kid, Barry has trespassed in the laboratory without any written permission or order and there fore they were losing their fat after Barry. But they are the sinners and Barry is helping to run himself or escape from the evil science doers. You have to touch your android screen to descend ascend bullets bubbles, rainbows as you climb higher in the score boards and we all hope to see you on the top. Boost up yourself, stay alive, contended throughout the game and play the game throughout with a single touch functions. Collect coins and earn cash as you complete the whole lot of missions. You can pick up your favourite jetpack and take the fun of the game as he run.

Jetpack Joyride

google play


Well, this is the top best action offline android games 2016 ever known. This is the Mortal Kombat X! The greatest and huge tournament is here. Play this card collection game that comes a deadly fight between brutal and kombat, where the team has to build up the weapons has to decide and whole lot of work is to be done. By You!  You have been given the complete responsibility of assembling the team. From the greatest fighters to the villains everyone is here at the show! The game already has a trade mark, entitled with stunning mind blowing graphics, allies and rewards. It contains too much of violence therefore keep this game away from children.


google play

Angry Birds 24. Angry Birds 2

Play the angry birds or the angry birds 2 here at your android phones as you install it from Google play store which is rated as best action offline android games 2016. It is also known as the best sequel of the angry bird series. It is the stunning, amazing; challenging that consists multi levels, bossy piglet’s and pigs and lots more new destructive stunts. You are allowed to choose your bird, has got super multi levels, spells that will work miraculously. You have a angry chance to challenge your friends at the best part of the game. Play daily matches and put the level up as you face the rivals, the toughest rivals on this globe. You just have to defeat the pigs and that’s all. This game includes direct links, direct attachments etc to support the game.

Angry Birds 2

google play

Smash Hit5. Smash Hit

You are about to take a tour to the surreal journey in a sort dimensional world where you have to move forward with harmony. You will get a golden opportunity to experience the locations and   have to be far brave and experience enough to play this game, smash your pathway, obstacles, targets, and listen to music and the sound track played on the background. Travel across 50 rooms, 11 styles to enjoy and lot more covered under the application. Download this application from the list of best android offline of 2016 and enjoy.

Smash Hit

google play

Temple Run 26. Temple Run

Just check the reviews man! It has been the best ever game I played in my entire life, Nothing can be best than this. So entertaining, this game has to be one of the top of the list, Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android 2016. Well, this is actually addictive game, where the man has stolen the idol and has to run to save his life. Make him run by passing across the hurdles, you have to jump, slide down, back flip, and get the shields, the treasures, power ups, and new characters. So many features!! Phew! I will be tired if I start naming them. So, don’t wait long to download this game. Install the game and watch out the entertainment.

Temple Run

google play

Plants War7. Plants War

This game, plants war is featured as full intense like strategies where you have to save the last source of life on earth. Become the hero of the hour, 3D visuals, touch controls be the best, and one of the fun game play. You have to protect the lake from the wild beasts, and throw your launch to attack them, play with more than single hero, 3D graphics, zoom, achievements; rewards are the highlights of the game.

Plants War

google play

Despicable Me8. Despicable Me

Enjoy the new despicable me where the loyal yellow colored minions are all tagged as get set go to taste the tastiest challenge ever. You have to collect, jump, and roll and dodge the fruits in all fast featured missions to fulfill the hunger of the belly by making a jelly.You can enjoy the sweet cute little minion memories, show and perform despicable stunts, take a look around iconic locations, that has locked surprises for you; also come across the obstacles, attacks, and villains. Customize the costumes, weapons, and the minion’s outlook for free. Unleash secret places, bossy fights and amazing power boosters, the animation, the 3D graphics and lot more packed in this game. There are also camera angles, power ups, collection of banana and ride up to the moon! Watch advertisements by paying with real currency. Play this game for free but you need to log in to Gmail account or the Google account to play this game.

Despicable Me

google play

Swamp Attack9. Swamp Attack

You have to defend your house because your cottage has been by the animals, the crazy animals. Survive from the oncoming animals from the evil doer’s zombies those who have no mercy upon you. The swamp attack game is completely free to play and it also has an option to purchase and buy items to run for the progress faster and faster. The game has 300 tough levels to complete has got 8 exciting episodes and all new fast missions. You will get awesome 30 defense mechanism tools for yourself, a shot gun, mini gun, different critters and atom bombs. Let’s teach you the directions of how to play the game. You have to tap on the android screen of yours to shoot, drop explosives bombs onto the monsters, you can switch change the weapons during the war action. Upgrade the equipments of the game even the weapon as well. If you are killed then drink potion and get alive and energized. This application has got promotional outfit links and options of the in-app purchases.

Swamp Attack

google play

Into the Dead10. Into the Dead

Can you ever survive in the world of dead? This a zombie game and one of the top 2015 offline android games 2016 where there is no availability of a 2nd chance. Here you will get only one single chance and that’s all. To save yourself run from the zombies as much as you can. This game is featured with intenseful game plot, arsenal powerful weapons, the missions, the tiny goals to unlock challenges updates of the features content, and it is highly necessary that you survive long in this game.

Into the Dead

google play

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