Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2016

Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2016

Root Booster App

Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2016: Thanks for visiting friends, if you are searching for the best root apps for android mobile then we must say you are on the right place. Below we have the list of top 10 best root app for android device, you love it. On other hand don’t forget to follow us on social bookmark sites for more updates. Phone has slowed down? Multitasking is no longer an option? Need more space? Here are some of the best root apps of android that will help you to overcome all of these!

Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2016

Device Control [root]1. Device Control [root]

For this you a kind of rooted device which allow you to use this app. You can do Google search if you want your device to be rooted.  You have warranty period and you will 100% like this app. But be very careful while you using this app. But its very useful app. But don’t misuse it can have problem in the system. If you have any problem first learn the feature property then use the app. You have got some more apps added in this like editors, app manager and file manager. Download this app as soon as possible.

Device Control [root] App

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Root all devices2. Root all devices

This is one of the best Android root methods for the Android phones. It has the tool by which you can check.  You should know the following procedure you have to click to auto search and get the rooting done.  You have root your phone by simple, secure and fast manner. You have some basic information which includes rooting methods which is very easy. It has got many advantages as well as disadvantages. You can connect the rooting procedure with your database of rooting method.  Download this app soon.

Root all devices App

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Root android without PC3. Root android without PC

You can root your phone without using computer or laptop. It is most easy and fast way to root your phone. You have to follow certain steps. The best way of this solution download this app. To use this app all you need is internet connection and brain. And you need some info about your device. You can give it try.  Best rooting app of 2016. So why wait people download soon. The New version has got many features added to it.

Root android without PC App

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Root Checker4. Root Checker

This is app is about verifying that the rooting in your device is working properly. It is 100% free and easy. People all over the world use this. The root checker will tell you the rooting id being done properly or not. The app provide you with all the new features of 2016. In of the amazing app you will come assure it will help you a lot and is very useful.  Download this app as soon as possible and take the full advantage of the app.

Root Checker App

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Root Booster5. Root Booster

Root booster is for the users who needs many Apps to run nicely on their phone. It improves your battery also. There many apps you can use in this booster. There are many modes to. One of the best rooting app of 2016. Why wait people?? Download this app soon. Totally free. Phone lovers will love these app no matter what.

Root Booster App

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System app remover (ROOT)6. System App Remover (Root)

Now you can do so much with this app, it is not only a system app remover but is also a user app uninstaller. Whether you want to move an app to sd card or move an app to phone, apk on sd card install/delete/scan, this app can get it ALL done. It is safe and backs up all the apps you uninstalled so you can restore them in recycle bin whenever you need. Sort, & scan get so much in this tiny applications.

System app remover (ROOT) App

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Titanium Backup ★ root7. Titanium Backup ★ root

This is the most powerful backup tool on android. Now back up all kind of apps, market links, restore, freeze your apps & and data & market links (with Pro). It impacts on all the protected and system apps + all your external data on sd card. Sync, keep multiple backups, download and upload as single ZIP, encrypt, convert, restore and much more on this powerful root app for android 2016. Must Download for every flasher of ROMs and real handy.

Titanium Backup ★ root app

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King Root Pro8. King Root Pro

Simplicity at it best! King Root pro is a one click root tool. With an awesome and simple user interface this will provide root in just one click. Download this free app now and enjoy safe root of your phone like a King! Happy rooting.

King Root Pro App

google play

Quick Reboot (Root)9. Quick Reboot (Root)

This helps you do a lot of stuff without remembering the keyboard shortcuts. You can also quickly boot into recovery mode or bootloader. This enables you to airplane mode, refresh, capture screen, lock screen, reboot, hot reboot, power off, safe mode, recovery mode, boot load download mode and much more! This will work as your own personal assistant as you don’t have to remember any keyboard Shortcuts.

Quick Reboot (Root) App

google play

XBooster ROOT10. XBooster *Root*- Free

A small yet a really powerful app that will shoot up your device performance! It improves the battery life of your phone and is specially made for them who like HD gaming and multitasking smoothly. With a simple user interface and and am awesome widget to always help you, it is a task manager that itself consumes very less RAM. XBooster frees the RAM by not letting any other activity run on its own. One of the best root apps of 2016 you must download for a smooth usage of your device.

XBooster ROOT App

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Finally we hope friends you all enjoyed our list of “Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2016“, if you still have any query about root your android device or by mistake we have missed your best root app for android of all time then do let us know in comments below. Thanks for visiting guys and have a great day ahead.