Top 10 Best War Games for Android 2016

Top 10 Best War Games for Android 2016


Top 10 Best War Games for Android 2016: Guys if you are searching for the best war games for android of the year, then we are glad that you find this article. Here are exciting and addictive collection of games that will be a life changing experience for you. I assure you that you will love them. Best ever war games for android 2016, enjoy.

Top 10 Best War Games for Android 2016

Brothers in Arms 31. Brothers in Arms 3

One of the most trending action game, it has acquired 4.5 out of 5 Google Play ratings. It is free, single player game. The brilliant visual effects and graphics are highly acknowledged by the critics. It is a shooting game taking place during the Second World War. This gameloft game runs well on Android. It is played from a third person perspective. The wide collection of weapons is a special attraction which includes rocket launchers too. It has extra missions to earn more weapons. It takes you through a wide range of terrains across the globe. This dramatic game is a must for all game lovers.

Brothers in Arms 3

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One of the amazing free war games for Android. The game is all about the largest and deadly allies’ invasion of WW 2.
They attack the occupation forces and take away France. An amazing war game where you will love to see and feel the stunning actions. The third shooter has got marvellous console quality visuals, deadly and destructible surrounding and full control voice over. Quickly download the free war game and start the deadly battle.


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Iron Man 33. IRON MAN 3: The official page

Iron man 3 is the superhero movie featuring the amazing marvel comic character iron man is now available on games. Wow isn’t that cool? In the amazing iron man 3 game .the skies are under attack, it flies all over the city as iron man and fight back with his enemies and as you cross the suits your score increases and you can go unlocking even the powerful suits and play this awesome war game … so hurry up and download the free war game iron man 3 and get it started

IRON MAN 3: The official page

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Modern Combat 54. MODERN COMBAT 5: BLACK OUT

Modern combat 5 black out is a war game with some spectacular effects packed series of modern combat. An amazing series of war games ever possible and free war game on android so why wait hurry and download and start playing modern combat 5: black out in style.

Modern Combat 5: Blackou

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Sniper 3D Assassin5. Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games

one of the amazing snipers game for Android fight the global war on crime and become the most important shooter. You have to aim and shoot. Get one amazing gun for yourself and kill all of them. You have some amazing 3D graphics and lovely animations. Tons of thrilling missions and weapons. Easy control and you will have amazing fun. Download the app and start playing. The best part is you don’t need internet while playing. You can play the game anywhere.

Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games

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Injustice6. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Guys if you love to superheroes games in your android device then you also going to love this android war game for sure. It  is a free-to-play collectible card game where you build a roster of characters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 action combat. Game features include amazing graphics, online multiplayer mode, amazing moves and son on. If you never try this game before then we highly recommend you to try it now, you surely going to love it.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

google play


The most wanted game, with a Google Play review of 4.5 out of 5, the best for your Android devices. The tenth version of the Mortal Kombat video game series, it is an action one with fighting based. It offers several modes with exciting rules and methods like ‘story’, ‘tower ‘and ‘krypt’. The game’s graphics and plot was highly recommended by the critics. The fighting techniques are stunning. You can make your own teams to earn extra advantage and challenge your friends online too. The list of fighters and their characters is what will get you addicted o this game.


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Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun8. Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun

If you are looking for a multiplayer action and shooting game, this game is the right option. This game is a ride through the underground world where you get to slash your enemies with your friends by your side. As many as 12 players can play online together. The wide collection of astonishing weapons with numerous vehicles including tanks and helicopters are extra attractions. You can even use mean words and mock at your enemy. There are 120 missions, each with its own uniqueness. There are two modes – Deathmatch and Domination. Voice chatting facilities are also available. A perfect game suggested for the beginner as well as the hardcore.

Blitz Brigade Android Game

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A perfect choice for all zombie lovers. This is a shooting based game, where your job is to save the world like a real hero from the millions of zombies. This is a free game with stunning graphics. It is updated frequently which makes it better by every passing day. The game is based on several locations across the globe including deserts, mountains, mines and forests. The scenic excellence is appreciated with all the variety of weapons and environments offered. There are extra collections of missions and quests which can be a bonus. You can meet great personalities in the several hideouts too.


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World at Arms10. World at Arms

A free war game which is based on modern day warfare. You can play solo as well as in groups. This exciting fighting campaign is the most wanted game among all age groups. The best feature of the game is that it gives you a ride through all the fantasized terrains of the world including underwater and submarine environments. The animations are quite realistic that gives you a slight feel of the real world. You can connect via face book to get hold of extra resources. This is probably the most appreciable game developed by game loft.

World at Arms

google play

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Hope you have liked the list of BEST ANDROID WAR GAMES OF 2016, must try them all. On other hand don’t forget to follow us on social media like facebook, google plus and twitter. If unfortunately we have missed your best war games for android 2016 then do let us know via comments below.

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