Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games...

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

Geki Yaba Runner Game

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly: Here are the top 5 Android Games that you should not miss this 3rd week of March 2016. Download them now to make your life very eventful. These games provide so much more than just excitement.

Top 5 Android Games of 3rd Week of March 2016 – Android Games Weekly

Hugo Troll Race 21. Hugo Troll Race 2

This is a stunning game which is endless and it will glue your eyes to the screens of your phone for hours. A lot of new features have been inserted to this new feature. The graphics are good. Fight against the terrifying Scylla and all the minions. Collect tremendous amount of gold are present- collect them all. This battle is a fascinating one. Learn all the tricks win all the battles. Install this instantly.Hugo Troll Race 2 Game

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Geki Yaba Runner2. Geki Yaba Runner

Its time to save your kingdom, are you brave enough? Your skills will be put to test. Run and leap and complete all the levels. Embark on the adventure today. More than a hundred levels. Your task is to overcome all the obstacles and save the beautiful princess. Collect all the missing socks and defeat all the bosses. Stay very focused because there are illusions to carry you away. Get started with this massive quest.Geki Yaba Runner Game, Android Games Weekly

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Apensar3. Aspensar: Guess the Word

You need to guess the correct word and win points. There will be four images provided and you have to connect the words and find a letter that describes them the best. Find the word to complete the level. As you go, collect new characters and show your skills. You can connect through Facebook and compete with you close friends too. There are almost unlimited number of levels- 3400 levels. There are hints available too that will help you complete the levels that you cannot. There are several funny characters.Apensar Guess the Word

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Power Hover4. Power Hover

There are so many things to make your adrenaline rush fast. There are stunning Hover Boards, fascinating robots and amazing adventures. It is not that easy, there are dangers too. This action game will defy all the laws of gravity. Control your hover board and show amazing styles. The beautiful scenic beauty will stun you. Each level comes with a package of of surprises and amazing challenges. The story line is awesome and the surrounding landscapes and the themes are stunning. You can race with your friends as to whole plays better. The soundtracks are soothing too. There are several levels, get started.Power Hover Game

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Land Sliders5. Land Sliders

Are you hungry? Want some delicious burgers? You can pick up heavy cows and other animals also. Do the most peculiar things ever. Do you feel that the fantasied tooth fairy exists in the real world? See all your dreams come true. The things that you only dream of are about to become true. This is a casual game that is very addictive, stay warned. The wild characters that are present will excite you a lot.Land Sliders Game

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These games are a package of entertainment, it is a must have for all. Must try all the above android games of the week and don’t forget to share you best android games of 3rd week of March 2016, cheers.