Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games...

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

FreeStyle Baseball2 Game

Here we are back again guys with our new list of best android games of 4th week of March 2016. If you are using an android device and you really love to kill your free time by playing games on your device then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have the list of top 5 best android games of the week, that you shouldn’t miss. Don’t miss, Top 5 Android Games of 3rd Week of March 2016.

Top 5 Android Games of 4th Week of March 2016 – Android Games Weekly

FreeStyle Baseball21. FreeStyle Baseball2

This is an awesome baseball game. It has real time game play. It supports lot of game mode. You have 3D features in this game. The graphics are just mind blowing in the true sense. It has day mode and night mode. This game has come up with its unique style. You have got realistic baseball thrills. You can drag and drop you game play. You have got many amazing professional and normal mode. You have got very nice control system. You must download this game soon!FreeStyle Baseball2 Game, Android Games Weekly

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Bombing Bastards2. Bombing Bastards

This game is bomb blasting level game. This game is just superb. You will love playing this game. You will have to deafeat your bosses. You have fight bravely and win the battle. You have to conquer everyone. This is an awesome and fun game. The features are very well designed. You have many power ups which you need to collect. You got many stunning levels. This is a single player game. This is a total free game. This app offers lots of super cool features. You install this game soon!Bombing Bastards Touch!

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Lucy in the sky of diamonds3. Lucy in the sky of diamonds

This game is as interesting as its name. Lucky in the sky of diamonds. You can jump as high you can. This game will fulfil all your dreams. You have to explore the whole world. You have to over cross many awesome shoulders and sharks. You have to fight with your enemies. You have many awesome lead boards. You have to top the score board. You have many obstacles which you have to win. You have many power. You should try this for once. You will love playing this game. Also read, Must try the trending games of March 2016.Lucy in the sky of diamonds game

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Basketball Stars4. Basketball Stars

Basketball game is an awesome multiple online sport games. You can dribble shoot and score. You have to win this game soon. You have to play this game nicely. It has got very nice and realistic graphics. It has multiplayer modes. You have incredible rewards. You have level up this game. You have got different online multiplayer game. You have got many challenges to win. You have to unlock all the levels of the game. You have many bonus backboard. You will enjoy playing this game. Download it soon.Basketball Stars Game

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Groove Planet5. Groove Planet

GROOVE PLANET is pure music holic game. Which has got stunning rhythm. This game is vested with nice features. It easy and fun to play. You can develop you own planet. You have to create your own building. You have got good keys and chords. You have got awesome tracks to groove your planet. You can play your own different songs. You have got well designed graphics. You can unlock all the levels and characters. You can challenge your friends to compete with you. This game supper cloud saving and data back system. You should try this game soon!Groove Planet Game

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Finally we hope friends you all enjoyed all the above list of best android games of 4the week of March 2016, if you still have any query or by mistake we have forget to mention you the best android games of the week then do let us know in comments below and don’t forget to try all the above games.