Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games...

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

Merged! App

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly: As we are back again with our new countdown of best android games of the week, if you are using an android device then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article. Here are 5 Android Games that you shouldn’t miss this week. Android Games Weekly. Download them now and have a thrilling experience like never before.

Top 5 Android Games of 2nd Week March 2016 – Android Games Weekly

Gun Fu Stickman 21. Gun Fu: Stickman 2

The second version of the amazing classic game is even better that the previous. How strong are your reflexes? Find out today. Play and unlock a collection of stunning weapons. Win a lot of points and complete levels to rule the leader board. You can play in the multiplayer mode. You can also customise you Stickman to make it look more adorable. The visuals and the animated graphics will surely take your breathe away. Install the game and start playing. Remember to arm you’re self.Gun Fu Stickman 2 Game

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Merged!2. Merged!

This is a puzzle game that will thrill you to the core. A perfect game for all the game lovers. The game is really simple. You need to merge small blocks to get huge blocks. The higher blocks contains more points. You have to move the blocks and make three similar ones come in a row. Then you can color them to gain points. You also have the ability to rotate the blocks. However there are certain tricks, you only have a limited space and there are tricky merges too. The game is very easy to learn. The graphics are cute and fun too. There are no tension about lives as well as time- they are unlimited.Merged! App

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Road to be King3. Road to be King

This is a stunning game where you need to dodge several obstacles like evil creatures as well as dangerous traps that have been set up for you. Find out how far you can go. The more you go, the more points you earn. Play against your friends and check who makes maximum points. Collect all the crystals on the way. There are special powers which you can use too. More than thirty missions available, several items to be collected and a wonderful world at your disposal.Road to be King Game

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Logic Dots4. Logic Dots

This is a wonderful puzzle game that is really easy to play but you need to make use of you grey cells too. You need to use logic to a certain extent in order to complete the levels. The graphics are absolutely thrilling. The game will enhance your intelligence because it tests your logic and reasoning skills. The game has no time limits which helps you play without any pressure. There are hints provided so that you do not get stuck in any levels. Play and learn. Win all the levels.Logic Dots Game

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Its Dicey5. Its Dicey

This challenging game is bound to keep you preoccupied for a long period of time. You need to take the dice to the end point. Be careful, there are only limited number of steps. A huge number of levels that are equally challenging. The different packs of the game have different themes. There are exciting features acquainted to the fame too. The graphics are very soothing. While you go, you have to collect maximum number of stars. Match the dots and move forward. Although this game seems to be a child’s game, it is not.Its Dicey App, Android Games Weekly

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Finally we hope friends you all enjoyed our list of best android games of the 2nd week of March 2016, for more weekly games update stay connected with us on social media sources.

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