Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games...

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly: Here we are back again with our new collection of android games of the week, if you really love to kill your extra time by playing games on your android device then we must say this place is made for you only. Two days of the weekend is too less for us to enjoy ourselves. Now you can enjoy anytime with the fun games here.

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

Stupid Zombies 31. Stupid Zombies 3

A neat looking cartoon physics blaster that sees you slaughtering your way through hordes of the colour coded undead. There are some slightly mean and difficult levels, and the gameplay gets a little one note after a while. It’s a lot fun to play this one. You play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse armed with a weapon. Each level you need to kill a set number of colour-coded zombies. Kill enough and you move on to the next challenge. Freakishly awesome game to play, install now.

Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light

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Zombie Catchers2. Zombie Catchers

This game is divided into two distinct portions: selling and catching. Rounding up zombies is where the bulk of the game’s fun is. AJ and Bud beam down to the hunting grounds and lure the undead from their festering pits by throwing brains as bait. When the zombies emerge, players go to work by grabbing them with a spear gun, nets, tranquilizers, and whatever else is on-hand. The zombies don’t sit around and let themselves get caught, though. They’re brainless, but not dumb. Low-level zombies simply run away and make themselves harder to catch, but higher-level zombies armour themselves with barrels and trashcans. So try to save your own brain for a moment, not because of zombies, but because this game is super addictive. Download it now and jump into action.

Zombie Catchers Game

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Downwell3. Down well

Just as the title hints, you go down a well. The gameplay loop involves starting the game up, hopping down, and seeing how long you can survive on your limited amount of life. Collide with an enemy, run into spikes, or anything else that hurts you, you lose life until you die. Once you die, you’re back to the top of the well jumping down again. The only thing that persists is the different visual styles and colour palettes you unlock. An incredibly fun game to play this week, download Down well and fall into the best intense activity ever!

Downwel Game

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Breakneck4. Breakneck

Fast-paced endless runner masquerading as a time trial focused racing game. Players speed along a wasteland in the hopes of outrunning an invaders’ attack for as long as possible. As the name implies, Breakneck has a great sense of speed that pairs well with its beautiful graphics. A little distraction and you might lose this game at the very moment. Perfect game for all those gamers out there. Download this right now and enjoy playing.

Breakneck Game

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Bouncy Polygon5. Bouncy Polygon

A game with a really simple concept that is still hard to do. The game drops a ball into a polygon that is missing one of its sides. The ball bounces around and players can use the different angles on the polygon to try and collect diamonds and extra lives. This is done by sliding the area just under the polygon to the left or the right. It’s definitely fun to just waste a little time with when on breaks or waiting for the bus. It’s also decently challenging and the extra lives let players continue on after having failed. This results in higher scores and more achievements unlocked. Install this game as soon as possible and enjoy to the fullest.

Bouncy Polygon Game

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