Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games...

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly

Alto's Adventure Game

Top 5 Android Games you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Games Weekly: Thanks for being with us, here we are again back with our new countdown of best android games of the week that you should’t miss. The top 5 games for Android for this weekend is presented to you by Go Android Apps, enjoy and don’t forget to appreciate us in comments below.

Best Android Games of 3rd week of February 2016 – Android Games Weekly

Score! Hero1. Score! Hero

This is one of those football games that cuts the beautiful game into tiny little snatches. Those little moments in each match that change the outcome one way or another. Each move has to end in a goal, and if you fail to score you’ll have to use up some energy or currency to have another go. In matches with multiple chunks of play, failing one will see you heading back to the start. The actual core mechanic is surprisingly pleasing. You might not have much control over the outcome, but there’s still something genuinely thrilling about swiping through a perfect through-ball to set up another one of your players. Download this fabulous football game right now and love it!

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Alto's Adventure2. Alto’s Adventure

It has amazing art style and visual effects being employed. In these regards, the game absolutely shines. The procedurally generated terrain, dynamic weather effects (time also moves and is reflected in night/dawn/dusk settings) and full dynamic lighting make for an experience that looks simply beautiful. This gives a soothing comprehensive experience that feels like more than simply a game. Alto’s Adventure also does a good job of creating a sense of being within a larger world, mostly due to the large setting that you snowboard through that create a sense of scale with your small snowboarding avatar. Install this amazing game right now and never get bored again.

Alto's Adventure Game

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Cartoon Wars 33. Cartoon Wars 3

Perfect and infinite number of stages, you have to send your monochrome military from their tower on the left to storm their more colourful opponent’s battlements on the right. While you can auto-fire at enemies with a moveable crossbow on top of your tower, which is handy for keeping foes at bay by thinning their numbers, it’s the troops on the ground that do the real work. Ultimately Cartoon Wars presents a battle you can’t win always. You cannot master this game and you will get addicted the first time you play. Download this incredible game right now and enjoy.

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Troll Face Quest Video Memes4. Troll Face Quest Video Memes

This comic game is something that everyone is going to Iove. Think you have seen it all? No, this is something that you have not. You will love it. Fi and hidden objects, sing just-in beavers and goats OR test some flex against muscles. Pranks, puzzles and a lot to discover. We won’t disclose it here because this is a must download app for everyone. Install it now for absolutely free and start playing and loving this!

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Zen Koi5. Zen Koi

A completely different feel and style game.  It’s a very well made game that manages to be both exciting and calming at the same time. In Zen Koi, you raise a koi fish from a young fish into an adult. As you grow you meet other fish, create offspring, and expand your pond. Hatching a koi gives you the option to play as that koi. Your baby koi have an advantage over the original – they already have some stats. Yes, your koi has stats that you can level up by eating the small fish and critters swimming in the pond. Each koi has three possible stats. Agility, Speed, and Rarity which influences how rare its offspring will be that you can level up to a maximum of eight points. Everyone should play this fun game right now. Download it now and play it.

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Hope you all enjoyed our new weekly android games collection of 3rd week of February 2016, if want us to add your best favorite android games of the week in our next countdown then do let us know in comments below and thanks for visiting our blog.

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