Top 5 Best Android Cricket Games 2016

Top 5 Best Android Cricket Games 2016

Stick Cricket 2 Game

Top 5 Best Android Cricket Games 2016: Cricket? From north to south east to west, across the whole planet, is there anyone who doesn’t like cricket? Everyone is a die hard fan of cricket and cricketers! Wish you could be one of them. Right? Master, polish, learn awesome cricket skills in a virtual form and experience a real cricket tournament. Check this TOP 5 BEST ANDROID CRICKET GAMES 2016 and play like a top cricketer!

Top 5 Best Android Cricket Games 2016 Free Download

Real Cricket 14#1. Real Cricket ™ 14

By Nautilus mobile, real cricket 14 brings the best version of cricket games in play store.  It supports in all android devices, download this game to take the pleasure of cricket in all reprised form. You all are aware of the great legends in cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Kapil Sharma and lot more. Get their replica only in this app after you download it. You will have to choose from 16 countries, and 8 wonderful skilled teams consisting all the best players in the history and 15 different fields. Worrying about the controls? Don’t! Because this app has handy, simple controls that you can go on with the game with an ease. Graphics are just too good with 2D motion animations and all cricket equipments here. You can eliminate your players and can dominate over the teams. Feel like a boss and grab all the well known popular trophies.

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Real Cricket 14 Game

World Cricket Championship 2#2. World Cricket Championship 2

Getting a high rating, download this app from Google play store by Next wave Multimedia. Oh! It’s a catch! Gets the real cricket feeling only out here. The basic requirement of this app is 1GB RAM, a must android 4.0, ARMv7 comes in an updated version after facing all the reviews. Therefore now you’ll get this app flooding with features. The game play has been enhanced, stadiums are far better now, fielders are experienced and recording option has been removed. Blitz tournament for free.

18 new international teams, 10 in domestic background, and 4 world cup tournaments. Size: 43 MB.

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World Cricket Championship 2 Game


Install this 3D master play by Nikhil Suresh and get multiple game modes where you can play easily normal simple cricket mania. Wow. This game has 360 degree selection shots. This means you can choose anywhere you feel like, the place where you want to play and give a hi-fi shot. Challenge yourself from the different game modes. Free to play and enables you to challenge your friends across the earth. Unlock contents and play World t2 championship for free and get new Netherlands and Nepal teams. File size being reduced to 24 MB.

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Stick Cricket 2#4. Stick Cricket 2

Want to be a cricketer? Want to represent your motherland as a top leading sports man? Then download this game to be one. This game isn’t easy! Take a challenge and move ahead. Face the best bowlers and them a tough competition. Get 30 trophies after you win the matches and complete 90 levels. Improve your performance and earn cool dresses and points.

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Stick Cricket 2 Game


Master Blaster T20 Cricket#5. Master Blaster T20 Cricket

Want to play the t20 matches? Watch out these features of this game. Get 3 challenging rewards, win against top countries, play striking shots like helicopter, pull, straight etc and master your skills here. Put your scores in a high level and show them that you are a real cricketer!! Rating: 4.0 size: 19 MB. Play this game and then you will understand why this game is one of the top best 5 android cricket games.

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Master Blaster T20 Cricket Game

So guys, why sit back and wait for the right moment. Get inspired, absorb high quality techniques of the cricket world and touch the sky! Hope you are satisfied with the games in the list of TOP 5 BEST ANDROID CRICKET GAMES 2016.

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