Top 5 Best Android Taxi Games of 2016

Top 5 Best Android Taxi Games of 2016

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush Game

Top 5 Best Android Taxi Games of 2016: Here are some super amazing taxi racing games around the town, city and beach. So why wait download it soon and get started people. In fact Taxi games have become more interesting than before. So if you really love to travel in taxi then you also going to love our collection of android games. Thus here we have top 5 best taxi games for android 2016, enjoy.

Top 5 Best Taxi Games for Android 2016

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush1. Crazy Taxi™ City Rush

So here is a new car racing game. Where you have to race through the city in your taxi to deliver passenger on the time .the most amazing way you drive the higher will be your points. To unlock the stages you have to maintain the rules, speed, drift and weave through the traffic jam. You can build your own super cool cabs so amazingly that the passengers go crazy across the town and city.  Show your driving skills and make high scores today. Download the game now.

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush Game

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Taxi Game2. Taxi Game

It is a new amazing game which is 100% free. If you love driving like crazy then hurry up and download this game it will turn you crazy. You can improve your driving skills by purchasing latest taxis. The only important part is that you have to deliver your passengers to their own destination point. You can unlock all the stages by following the rules .the feature of this game is just amazing in true sense. It has awesome sound, real stunning racing taxis, exciting 20 levels, map of the whole super cool city and many more. Compete with friends and get to the top of the score board. Download it today.

Taxi Game App

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Thug Taxi Driver 3D3. Thug Taxi Driver 3D

One of the most amazing and super cool games. Its 100 % free. You can scare your passengers by taking long drift. The city is just so beautiful that it will take your breath away with this amazing game. This game will make you go crazy when you will drive on the asphalt. So why wait??? Download this game soon and start playing. I can guarantee you that you will love this game. Be the best taxi driver of the city.

Thug Taxi Driver 3D Game

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Furious Fast Taxi Driver 20154. Furious Fast Taxi Driver 2015

This is a taxi driver mania racing game. You will be the taxi driver in this car driving game your aim is to pick passengers and drop them to their destination as fast as possible. You can build up your own collection of super cool cabs. You can do both day and night driving .I can you assure you that you will love this super amazing furious car driving missions. So why wait people? Download it and get started as soon as possible.

Furious Fast Taxi Driver 2015 Game

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Taxi Driver5. Taxi Driver

This is one of the most trending apps available on your android smart phones. Drive taxis around the entire city. In this game you need to drive taxi and you will be earning money from doing something amazing, like driving the taxi like crazy people. You can make a collection of taxis and you have to drive the best. If you invest your own taxi you can make more money. Isn’t that cool? Download it soon.

Taxi Driver Game

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Thanks for visiting, we hope you all enjoyed our collection of “Top 5 Best Android Taxi Games of 2016“, if unfortunately we have missed your best android taxi games of 2016 then feel free to comment below and guys must try all the above android taxi games, have fun.

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