Top Best Time Management Games for Android

Top Best Time Management Games for Android

Shipwrecked Volcano Island

Top Best Time Management Games for Android: If you want to kill your free time then we highly recommend you to try all the below best time management games for android to understand the real value of each second.

Top Best Time Management Games for Android

Resort Tycoon1. Resort Tycoon

This is a beautiful resort game. You have got many restaurants, kitchens and variety of foods. You have to manage the customers and serve them nicely and see they are comfortable enough. You have to hold on an awesome business strategic. You have to keep an amazing control over your management. You have to do very high profit. You have to serve customers and provide with the best services. This game is free. You have got awesome and colourful graphics. You have many levels to unlock. A very superb addicted game. Mind bowing visual. Install this game soon.Resort Tycoon Appgoogle play

Burger Shop FREE2. Burger Shop FREE

To all the aspiring chef android present you a new game app named burger shop.

Well, in this app you get to make your favorite burger, drinks and other junk food and serve your customers, in return you gets points to reach higher level.

It’s totally addictive game and sure will keep you hooked up for hours.The only outrageous part is the ad that comes between each level, nevertheless this app is surely to be checked out.Burger Shop FREE App

google play


Hey you guys, heres a new app for all the enthusiastic chef, those who loves to cook and create.Android presents to you the super awesome cooking dash 2016. In this game help the cook to make delicious food from the menu, at a restaurant in front of a live audience, as you progress, create and display your cutlery skills, the audience cheers each time you get a point.The graphics are a visual treat and the sounds just makes it better.

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This app deserves to be installed soon and you will be amazed by it.COOKING DASH 2016 APP

google play

Hotel Story4. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

One of the amazingly nice game. You have got many design which are just outstanding. You have to invest on awesome facilities to attract people. You have to provide them with the best service. The management have to be awesome. You have many stages to unlock. You have got multilayer system. You can play offline. You have real and money mode.  You have to be the best hotelier ever possible. You have to make things unique so that people get attracted. Try this app soon!Hotel Story Resort Simulation

google play

Shipwrecked5. Shipwrecked: Volcano Island

Travel through the beautiful islands and sanctuaries. There has been a mishap and you are left in an unknown island which has nothing but a volcano. You have to build your own kingdom and survive in the island. Life will not be that simple, you need to embark on stunning adventures, fight the terrifying pirates who are waiting to destroy and kill you and there are amazing treasure too. Find the treasures to earn more money. There are secrets hidden in the mysterious island- find them out. Make a civilization under the volcano and make it like you thought of in your dreams. Take control of the lost cargo to find treasures and travel through the mysterious jungles. Install it right away.Shipwrecked Volcano Island, Time Management Games

google play

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