UI images of Android N’s new Settings leaked online

UI images of Android N’s new Settings leaked online

Android N’s new Setting Image

UI images of Android N’s new Settings leaked online: The new version of Android is yet to be launched- the Android N. The giant search engine is planning to improve the handset even further before it is actually released. Previously this week there were several images of the handset that were leaked that gave a notion of how the phone might be like. While surfing the net, several images would pop up notifying about the phone and the settings which comes with the phone.Android N’s new Setting Image,  Android N’s new Settings

UI images of Android N’s new Settings leaked online

The images are influenced from the original Android N phone actually. They are perhaps the real screen shots of the phone. The images depicted a bar which existed at the top of the screen. It also had a do no disturb sign under the settings menu. You can also shift through different modes from the drop down list which is available.

From the various leaked images, it is also understandable that the giant tech company plans a brand new navigation style for the handset altogether. Also, the settings of the phone are presented in different modules. The setting menu is also said to come with a lot more information than what the previous smart phones do. For instance the amount of data you have used will be mentioned and how much data usage is still left will also be highlighted. Also, it will provide you with information whether the adaptive brightness feature is on or off.

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However Google does not really change the menu to a great extend and provides a decent ease with which users can navigate through the various modules of settings. You will also find the sound settings and the notification settings in different arenas separated from each other.

The Android N is sure to be a subject of great hype. It is perhaps a much awaited phone. The features of the phone is still a mystery. However certain leaks over the World Wide Web do give us a bit of hints about how the phone will be. The handset is going to be out very soon, so stay tuned. Google is working hand on the product.